Health benefits of Green Leaf Lettuce

Green leaf lettuce is one of the most nutritional substances that you can find to consume, but not all lettuce is equal in nutritional value. In fact, the health benefits of green leaf lettuce consumption are nothing short of massive. Iceberg lettuce, which is the most common lettuce that you’ll find in the supermarket, has a good nutrient set, but leaf lettuces, such as romaine and green leaf varieties of lettuce are actually more nutrient laden than the iceberg variety.

Lettuce has a high level of vitamins and minerals. 2
Leaf lettuce has a very high level of vitamins. It is an outstanding source of vitamin A as well as beta carotene. In 100 grams of the lettuce you will find more than two hundred percent of the amount of vitamin A that you need in the day. It is also very high in calcium and has been shown to assist in bone density.

Lettuce can help to prevent lung cancer and mouth cancer. 2,3
Just as vitamin A helps to accomplish other things in the body, so too does it help to prevent cancer. Fruits and vegetables which house large amounts of vitamin A are well known for their ability to retard the growth of certain cancers, as well as to lower the risk of lung and oral cavity cancers.

Leaf lettuce can help to protect your eyesight.
One of the carotenoids which is found in leafy lettuce, carotene, is absorbed in a selective way by the macular lutea. It is thought to achieve some level of light filtration or protection which as of yet is not pinpointed. What is known is that people who eat a diet rich in those fruits and vegetables can have much fewer incidence of macular and degenerative eye diseases as they age.

Great source of fiber1
In addition to all of these benefits which can be taken from green leaf lettuce, it also helps your body to get enough fiber, protection from colon problems and keeping you regular. This means you’ll have fewer digestive problems. Lettuce is heart healthy, promoting lower weight and better nutrition.

Loaded with other vitamins.

Lettuce is good for your blood due to all of the many B vitamins that it contains, including thiamin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), riboflavins.

A very rich source of vitamin K, leaf lettuce can help to promote your bone mass as well as being instrumental in helping to prevent against Alzheimers by helping to limit the damage to the brain.

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